Core Values

Doing things right is equally as important as doing the right thing.

Early Construction Inc. operates within a set of core values that frame our strategy and culture. Our people and reputation are our most valuable resources and as such, we cannot over emphasize the importance of safety. Our values provide our people with standards of behavior necessary to maintain and enhance those resources. Without attempting to rank them, we can say that our actions are consistent with these values:

Long-term Perspective

We believe the business has a perpetual life, but only if it is well managed. We know that actions today can impact the business for years to come, and that long term business success must be earned in a competitive and rapidly changing marketplace. We must embrace change of many kinds, but we must not lose sight of our core values in the process.

Health & Safety

We believe that a healthy lifestyle and avoidance of unsafe behaviors are essential to our individual welfare and to the success of our business. We believe that injury can be avoided by safe work practices, accountability and leadership.


We seek to provide services that add value for our clients. We seek to obtain business based on more than price alone.


We recognize that the Early Construction family is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds, talents and interests and we strive to embrace those differences. We also recognize the critical importance of family relationships and strive to achieve a healthy balance of work and family life.

Integrity & Honesty

We will always try to do what we say we will do. Our actions will always be guided by an effort to do the right thing. Our dealings with customers, colleagues, suppliers and others will be conducted with honesty at all times.


We value relationships with others and always strive to earn their trust. We recognize that strong relationships are based on mutual trust and professionalism. We know that free and open communication is essential to a healthy organization and to effective business performance.

Continuous Improvement

We must never become complacent. We constantly seek improvement in all that we do - in the safety and quality of our services, in our people and in how we compete for business.


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