Why join Early Construction Inc.?

At Early Construction Inc., we understand that getting work in times of economic expansion is relatively easy. What is harder is ensuring that our people go home in the same condition they arrived, that our customers are happy with our performance, that our work is ultimately profitable, and that our reputation is enhanced with each successful project completion.

We believe this is the formula for building an enduring legacy and a place where people can build fulfilling careers enriched by the camaraderie of customers and colleagues and by the satisfaction of delivering real value with integrity time and time again. These are our principles, and these are our beliefs, in good times and bad times. Even as we continuously adapt and change with the times, these are the ideals which we believe will sustain us for many years to come.

Professional Employment

Construction is rooted in challenge, and the landscape is always changing. We offer a place where you can be a part of influencing that change.

Craft Employment

To be considered for future Early Construction Inc. craft job openings, please click on "Craft" and fill out the form.


To provide high-quality, construction-related services to those clients who recognize, value and fairly compensate for the integrity, skill, depth of organization, financial strength and commitment to safety that are required to provide the quality service we offer.

We seek to serve select segments of the market through continuing relationships with primarily private sector clients who align with our company culture.

Our value system places the highest priority on the welfare and professional growth of our employees, along with a commitment to long-lasting relationships with our customers and vendors.


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